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Courses Development Options

Our sister site, TravelCampus, provides the hosting for our online programs. The online curriculum delivery systems does not eliminate the need for a course administrator/instructor but recognizes the need for individual instructor to learner interaction and promotes this relationship. Great course administrators/instructors are a key to the success of this program. You may review online course options at

TravelCampus can become part of your curriculum in a matter of days. Links to your school’s home page are created, an instructor/course administrator training packet is sent and you are ready to begin.

Course Options

  • TravelCampus courses already developed and online, are available for your learners to enroll in. TravelCampus will provide the course administrator/instructor.
  • TravelCampus courses already developed and online, are available for your learners to enroll in. We will train you as the online course administrator/instructor.
  • You can develop your own courses and put them online on our campus.

Implementation Options

  • TravelCampus online courses can be used to supplement regularly scheduled classroom instruction.
  • Instruction can be structured to combine limited learner contact time with majority of content delivered via online classroom.
  • Courses can be delivered online with exams taken in exam lab or classroom.
  • Complete courses, including exams, can be entirely internet delivered.

Course Design

Learning/Performance Objectives
Objectives specify knowledge and skills learners will gain as they successfully complete each course.
Each lesson is presented in a format that is easy to read in an internet environment. Instruction is provided through each lesson guiding learners to exercises, reviews and exams. An online book is available for printing for study offline.
These challenges are additional, off-line work to provide learners with industry insight, taking them away from the computer and providing practical application.
STOP, Review and Apply
Quizzes at the end of each lesson help learners relate what they have learned to the workplace, review their progress and begin to apply what they have learned.
Discussion Questions
Questions are posted by the course administrator/instructor and are accessed by all learners thus giving them the opportunity to interact, online with other learners and course administrator/instructors.
Learner's new skills are evaluated in the secure exam lab. Each exam may only be accessed one time. Exams may be rendered inaccessible so they can be administered in a traditional exam lab.
A glossary is available with each course that provides industry specific terms and definitions.
Course Administrator/Instructor Email
The course administrator/instructor determines the speed of response. If TravelCampus provides the course administrator/instructor, learners can expect a response to their questions within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.
TravelCampus will issue a certificate of completion to each learner completing individual courses with an average of 80% or better.


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